How a Digital Business Card can grow your business

Have you ever wondered what happens to your business card once you have handed them to your customers? Wouldn’t it be great to know where your effort goes? Wonder no longer! 

White Lion Digital gives you instant access to all the essential tools used for growing your business while saving you money.

Track views & shares by email

Direct customers to specific areas of your business

Follow up on leads

Your Digital Business Card is stored in the cloud in encrypted servers, which are backed up to multiple locations, with the convenience of having your Digital Business Card always available to you on your mobile phone, either stored in your contacts or on your mobile phones’ home screen for easy access. Put your business in the palm of your customers hand with a Digital Business Card from White Lion Digital.

A digital business card benefits include:

1. Convenience: Digital business cards are easily accessible and can be shared electronically, saving time and effort compared to traditional cards.

2. Eco-friendly: Digital business cards eliminate the need for paper, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

3. Customisation: Digital business cards allow for customization and personalization, making it easier to stand out and create a unique brand image.

4. Accessibility: Digital business cards can be easily updated and shared with a wider audience, providing better reach and accessibility to potential customers or clients.

5. Cost-effective: Digital business cards can save money in the long run, as there is no need to constantly print and distribute new cards.

6. Analytics: Digital business cards often come with analytics features, allowing for tracking and analysis of interactions and engagement, providing valuable insights for businesses.

Examples of current Digital Business Cards

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