The Power of Chatbots

In the world of immediate gratification, chatbots provide a sense of intimacy and responsiveness to visitors and info-seekers that email cannot (and will never) through instant engagement.

The Benefit

A much higher (and faster) lead-to-customer conversion rate.

There’s your new prospective customer who painstakingly found your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, et cetera… And they decide to interact – they may want more info, to schedule a call, take advantage of a special offer, become part of a contest, get a coupon, the list goes on.

Now, instead of calling or emailing or filling out a form and waiting for a response, they simple click a button and in seconds are engaged in the EXACT interaction they are seeking… INSTANTLY!

Client Acquisition Automation

And, behind the scenes, you have captured their information!

The prospective customer is now interacting with your business while you are off doing other things… And you know exactly who they are and how to get in contact with them.


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